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  • Midlife Transition

    Midlife Transition

    Finding Help To Resolve Midlife Crisis And Transform Into Self Fulfillment And Happiness

    If this page resonates with you, then it means: it’s time to change routines and shift how you move in the world. The very nature of the signs you are witnessing are also a reflection of a process of change. Denying change is what brings about the crisis you are in or feel is looming ahead of you. Holding on to old answers gives life no space to grow into something new, the very thing a midlife transformation is all about. To preserve the aspects of what you love most often means to release and switch around quite a bit in your life to open space for the path of discovering positive transformation.

    Change isn’t easy, and the prospects of change often paralyze the strongest person. Ironically when this is the case then the solution is often to take a simple retreat to pause and to reflect on one’s life. Sometimes to take pause in awareness itself, is the change people need! Often times pausing means to stop the actions which were fostering the crisis. As a result, pause isn’t to do nothing, pause is an active process of examining potentials and considering which options would fit best in life! People often need to be taught how to pause and this is why those in midlife crisis often seek to learn a technique of pause to help them find peace in their situation.

    This is a time of choice, the choice of crisis or transformation. To do nothing is to pick Crisis, To do nothing is to continue living life to the past choices that led everything to this crisis you face. If you have questions then it is a simple matter to contact me to ask a question. Without help, on average I see people take 3 to 5 years of many false starts and painful side trips before they settle down in their life. Also, many of these people don’t end up in a place that truly matches where they were hoping to go.

    With Coaching and counseling guidance every person I work with works thru these changes in less than half the time ( 1 to 2 years of learning and exercises to rebuild a stronger life) and everyone I work with ends up in a place they want to be. Since I guide people to grow in their essence rather than chasing expectations. The solution is about getting a new perspective to encourage actions that channel the crisis energy into constructive processes. Sometimes just asking a question is enough of an action to resolve a seemingly impossible crisis into a process of growth that truly transforms everything.